Mythen Irish Setters

Irish Setter Purchase Contract

At Mythen our goal is not only to breed healthy, well-adjusted family companions but for our puppies to grow into Irish Setters that meet or exceed breed standards. This means we strive to have dogs that will show well in the Conformation ring AND show keen interest and ability to participate (and hopefully excel) in other events such as Field, Scent Detection, Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, Agility, Sprinter Events and more. Show and performance homes will be given some preference as we strive to protect and improve upon our dogs qualities, while promoting both genetic diversity and the breed in general. Not all Irish Setters can do everything, but they are much happier having a "job". I feel than my Irish Setters have diverse interests and abilities so in addition to becoming great companions and family dogs they can (and should) do other activities to round out their lives. As you would take a child to swimming or music lessons; join a sports team, etc. I believe that your Irish Setter should be given the opportunity to explore their strengths and loves. 

While we promote that dogs who will not be used for breeding should be spayed or neutered; our contract requests that purchasers wait until their Irish Setter is fully mature (2+ years of age) prior to doing so. Indeed, not only companion homes but show/breeding homes are strongly discouraged from breeding until their pups are fully mature as well. 

All puppies are sold with CKC Registration (both litter and individual), a purchase agreement and health contract. The health contract covers genetic issues such as PRA, DM, CLAD, GLD and hip dysplasia.

We offer lifetime advice and support for our puppies and hope you will become part of our extended family. :) In fact, we encourage lifetime contact so we can evaluate our breeding program appropriately.

More information will be given before you and your puppy are matched.