Mythen Irish Setters is located in the heart of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. We have 2.5 acres which are set well back from the road with a river on one border, ponds on another and woods/trails on a third. We don't really have kennels. Our dogs live with us in our home. We do have an enclosed 30 foot by 80 foot "dog yard" (our dream is to expand it one day) but right now we primarily use it on rare occasions when we are outside in the yard and can't focus 100% on the dogs. Most of the time it is just an extra chicken yard. :)  When we are introducing puppies to the outdoors we will use the "dog yard" to keep track of them while they play and explore to ensure they are safe. Of course they are never left alone out there. We purposely have a common fence between the chickens and the dogs so pups learn that the chickens are pets (or babies) and are not to be chased.

My name is Christine and I am a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Sporting Detection Dogs Association (SDDA) Canada and was an active member with the Irish Setter Club of Canada (ISCC) until November 2022. In fact, I was the Atlantic Regional Director for the ISCC from 2017 to 2022 inclusive in addition to being co-editor and regular contributer to their quarterly newsletter, PawPrints. I left the club in November 2022 primarily because I was getting burnt out. It was difficult to get members involved and most of the Executive needed a break after so many years. I do have unrelated personal differences with several of the new Executive so it was for the best anyhow. I hope they continue to find their way to promote, protect and preserve the breed as the club was intended.

I have a lengthy background with dogs starting at an early age. My Grandmother (who passed away in her 99th year in 2010) raised and showed Poodles and Papillons under the Chrizrick kennel name. She raised many Champions and to this day there are still a few showdogs descended from her lines. Gramma also taught Dog Obedience for well over 40 years. I gained my love of dogs from her and often helped her with her dogs as well as the Obedience classes she taught.

I have worked many years with animals. In my 20's I spent several years working with the Orillia branch of the Ontario Humane Society as a Kennel Attendant and groomer. I worked primarily with the new and quarantined animals (including farm animals and wildlife) but I also travelled as a veterinary assistant with their Mobile Veterinary Clinic in the summer bringing low-cost veterinary care to some of the more remote areas of the near-North. Eventually I moved from Orillia and I was fortunate to work for an incredible veterinarian in a rural mixed veterinary practice in Midland, Ontario for almost 5 years until returning to the Toronto area as a single parent. Once there I worked in 2 small animal clinics (one actually specialized in lab animals and cats, but we did see a fair amount of dogs) and I also did some limited rescue work. Eventually I took some time off from full-time employment to enroll in College and my career took on a different focus in order to best support my two children. Years later, I provided foster care for difficult to place dogs for a dog rescue from 2004-2006 and one of my own dogs was accepted as a St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog. Sadly, I lost her to kidney failure in fall of 2005.

I moved to Nova Scotia in the fall of 2009. Neil is my husband and he learned early in our relationship that to love me is to love my dogs. :) Once we opened our hearts to the Irish Setters, Neil made it clear right from the start that while he would come with me and support me at the dog shows, showing was strictly my territory. He really wasn't planning on getting so attached to the girls. Once Gwynnie was old enough to be competing at the same age level as Whimsy I faced a dilemma. Obviously I couldn't take them both into the ring at the same time! So, I begged Neil to take Gwynnie in.... just one weekend when I had purposefully only booked two events. That was many years ago and he pretty much exclusively showed Gwynnie and I showed Whimsy. We did benefit from hiring a handler for a large show weekend in Ontario in 2019 (thank you Noreena Seery!) It has been a learning experience for both of us, but the first judge Neil was up against told him (in so many words) that the main reason Gwynnie didn't win was because he "didn't do her any favours". We took another round of handling classes (thanks so much to Belle Darris of the Evangeline Kennel Club!!!) and although we still lack some confidence and have a lot to learn strictly by doing, at least we are holding our own! Neil is so proud of every accomplishment both of the girls make, but he sure did get a glint in his eye when Gwynnie brings home the ribbons. :) 

Throughout my life I have had many dogs but it took me a long time to find my true love - Irish Setters. We also presently have a Golden Retriever as well as an Irish Setter mix. They are both seniors and spayed females. I also confess that I have been owned by Silky Terriers, a Yorkshire Terrier, a Lab/Husky mix and an awesome Bernese Mountain Dog through the years. However, most of my dogs have been Sporting Dogs - German Shorthaired Pointers, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and now my present dogs. The sporting breeds just tend to fit my lifestyle and personality well. I have especially loved Irish Setters but I just never saw any around. I finally decided I needed to change that so I spent 3 or 4 years researching the breed and different breeders and that eventually led me to Pam and Larry Legault of Palarset Kennels in BC. Thankfully I have been blessed with two of their lovely girls from different sires/dams. Pam and Larry no longer breed so I hope I do their lines justice by the decisions I am making. I know Pam prided herself in the temperament and colour of her lines so I hope to hold true to that no matter where my breeding program leads me.

Palarset's Winter Whimsy (Whimsy) my first Irish gal, was born in December 2016 and Palarset MemorableGwendolynBee (Gwynnie) my second Irish gal, was born in April 2017 (as I said they do have different parents.) Having the two girls so close in age has been interesting, to say the least, and it has kept me on my toes. I began Conformation showing for the first time in 2017. I am shy so it has been difficult for me, but our girls are truly awesome and have made things much easier. Gwynnie is a dream in the show ring. She had very limited showing since we purchased her in late 2017. Regardless, it has also been a real learning experience and they have both done well despite us. Unfortunately with the Covid pandemic we haven't shown them since August 2019. We could have done a few shows in 2022 but Whimsy had puppies on April 1, and we didn't want to take any chances that the pups might pick up something if Gwynnie went to the shows and brought something home. Both girls have participated in 3 sets of Scent Detection training classes with Front N'Scenter Canine Enterprises. Whimsy has participated in 2 Field Dog Training Days and Gwynnie in one. Whimsy also has participated in two Sprinter Events (Gwynnie wasn't eligible as she was in season, but she did have a "fun run" and was very fast!) Whimsy also tried out Dock Diving at the end of summer, 2020 and that is definitely something we hope to pursue with our dogs in the future!

We kept a puppy from Whimsy's April 1, 2022 litter. Her name is Emma (Mythen's It's All About the Emerald Isle) and she keeps us on our toes! Unfortunately I have had some health issues this year so she hasn't been shown yet. She is a pretty girl with a very outgoing personality. She ADORES people and when we take her in public she pulls us over to meet them. She is a little shy of other dogs though... I don't quite understand it considering the neighbour has 2 and we have 5 but we are working on it. :) She is a super-confident, lovable, playful, albeit rambunctious girl that tests her limits constantly. I have introduced her to scent work at home and she loves it (as does her mother). She is fairly comfortable with me grooming her, but not fond of the nail clippers, nail grinder or hair dryer. She is really good with me using scissors, thinning shears and even the clippers on her neck, under her ears and sani grooming though so hopefully the nails and hair dryer will improve in time. We hope that she will produce some great puppies for us in due time. 

Be sure to check out our other pages. I'm always working on the site, but you will find information and photos of our girls, the latest show news, contact information and more. If you email us and don't hear back from us, please check your spam folder in case our emails go there. Right now I am inundated with emails so I may not respond. However, please note that as I preparing to find suitable homes for our puppies all your initial information including date of contact is taken into consideration. I place puppies based upon the information you provide, subsequent emails and telephone calls and the puppies personalities, strengths and needs. I very rarely respond to phone calls. I really do prefer email so that I have a record of our conversations. I am in my late 60's so although I have a great memory, it can be short. :) My puppy owners are given first priority when it comes to telephone contact. Similarly, if you are looking for a puppy I really prefer our first contacts to be via email in order that I can print out your completed Questionnaire and our emails in order to remember as much as possible. Once puppies are on the ground we (hopefully) will have more contact via telephone, emails and/or Messenger. I will also post videos and photos for you when we have puppies. They are typically removed when there are no puppies available. I also have a Mythen Puppies group on Facebook for anyone who owns a Mythen dog.

We look forward to hearing from you!