Mythen Irish Setters is currently looking for a suitable stud dog for our Gwynnie. We hope to breed her in winter 2022 or spring 2023 if we can find a suitable male. 

Palarset MemorableGwendolynBee - Click on photos to enlarge

  • 5 Point Win!
  • Where Are My Playmates?
  • A Man and His Dog
  • All Settled In
  • Miss Gwynnie
  • Was That a Goose?
  • Princess Gwendolyn
  • Gwynnie and her Snood
  • Watching Over the Hens
  • Duck Watching
  • You Called?
  • Lovely Expression
  • Gwynnie in HER Chair
  • Nice Reach
  • Waiting for Her Supper
  • Gwynnie Summer 2019